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Gregg Bendian, drums & dumbeq
Glenn Alexander, electric & acoustic guitars
Rob Thomas, electric & baritone violins
Adam Holzman, keyboards
David Johnsen, bass
Premik Russell Tubbs, saxophones & flute
Katherine Fong, 1st violin
Zach Brock, 2nd violin
Nicole Federici, viola
Leigh Stuart, cello
Maria Neckham, voice
Produced & Arranged by Gregg Bendian
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Randy Taber

The Mahavishnu Project - Return of the Emerald Beyond

THE MAHAVISHNU PROJECT'S third release features an amazing journey back to the Mahavishnu album most requested by the fans of this very special music, 1975's classic "Visions of the Emerald Beyond". 

With "Return To The Emerald Beyond" The Mahavishnu Project go all-out and in-depth, jamming extensively on each track as they explore and expand on the songs that the original Mahavishnu rarely, if ever, played live.

Package includes an opulent eight-page booklet full of color photos and an essay by Gregg Bendian.

"Return To The Emerald Beyond" was recorded live in concert and contains nearly two hours of music, including three bonus tracks!


Disc One:
1. Eternity's Breath (14:30)
2. Lila's Dance (9:00)
3. Can't Stand Your Funk (6:56)
4. Pastoral (10:58)
5. Faith (2:55)
6. Cosmic Strut (5:42)
7. If I Could See (1:51)
8. Be Happy (6:59)


Disc Two:
1. Earth Ship (11:59)
2. Pegasus (3:40)
3. Opus 1 (2.09)
4. On The Way Home To Earth (8:58)

Bonus tracks
5. Smile of the Beyond (5:00)
6. Vital Transformation (11:25)
7. Sister Andrea (11:11)


NOTE: The song titles above link to audio excerpts in MP3 format. If your browser is not configured to play MP3s, you may download them to your hard drive by right-clicking the title and selecting "Download Link to DIsk".



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"As always, we send our respect, admiration and gratitude
to John McLaughlin, Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, Billy Cobham, Rick Laird and
to all of the Mahavishnu Orchestra members."